ESTAR(SER) — The Esthetical Society for Transcendental and Applied Realization (now incorporating the Society for Esthetic Realizers) — is a private, dedicated body of amateurs, scholars, and interested parties who concern themselves with the historicity of The Order of the Third Bird. This community of researchers works to sift evidences of Bird-like attentional practices in the historical record, and to present those evidences to critical readers. In this project ESTAR(SER) is fortunate to be in possession of a vast (possibly infinite) body of source materials — known as “The W-Cache” — which appears to have been assembled by an aspiring historian of the Order seeking to write a comprehensive history of the Birds. He or she did not succeed, but bequeathed to the Society a valuable and diverse archive. The academicians of ESTAR(SER) have made it their business, over the years, to publish critical editions of these primary sources, materials that see print in  The Proceedings of ESTAR(SER).



    ESTAR(SER)’s Committee on Holdings wishes to have it known that a recent cull of the W-Cache has resulted in a considerable suite of DEACCESSIONS. These works, previously thought to be authentic archival artifacts documenting the doings of the Avis Tertia have now been shown, by our researchers, to be forgeries insinuated into our collections by irresponsible agents of the Order of the Third Bird.  As we have done on other occasionswe are releasing these diverse materials, which are now available to the curious. Interested parties may direct inquiries to GALLUCCI TULL, Ltd., of Los Angeles, who currently hold these artifacts.

Consider the recent (rather extensive) discussion of the Avis Tertia, and the work of ESTAR(SER) in The New Yorker.


And don’t forget about: IN SEARCH OF THE THIRD BIRD
Our long-awaited collaborative/anniversary volume, In Search of the Third Bird: Exemplary Essays from The Proceedings of ESTAR(SER), 2001-2021, edited by D. Graham Burnett, Justin E.H. Smith, and Catherine L. Hansen, can be found
here on the MIT Press Website, and you can order here from Strange Attractor Press, UK, or buy wherever fine scholarly books are sold! (And consider the thoughtful reviews in the LARB, Brooklyn Rail, and elsewhere…)



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THE FRYE TRUNK: Opening a “Pandora’s Box” in the Archives of Attention
(a monographic supplement to the Proceedings)

Presenting and Representing the W-Cache
(a monographic supplement to the Proceedings)

“The Museum Plans” 
(a pamphlet supplement to the Proceedings)

“The Bird Bookmarks” 
(a pamphlet supplement to the Proceedings)

“Milcom the Metagnome” 
(a pamphlet supplement to the Proceedings)

Pas de Trois Card

Appareil Card

Appareil Card (French)

Appareil Card – Insert (all languages)

Nachtigall Card 

Nachtigall Card (Turkish)

Narma Card

Coffey Card (French)

Ketchem Card

Ketchem Card (Portuguese)

Rossignol Card

Kakitsubata Card

Ikebana Card

Corona of Care Card

Corona of Care Card (French) 

Corona of Care Card (Spanish) 

Lone Tree Folds Card

Vater Card

Hale Card

Kittiwake Card

Oannes Card

Pomagello Card

Pomagello Card (Spanish)

Rülek Card

Rülek Card (French)

Rülek Card (Korean)

Sprague Card

B.B. Chamberlin Distinguished Lecture, 2017
(a pamphlet-program supplement to the Proceedings)

Proceedings Offprint: “The Cleremont Connection”

Proceedings Offprint: “Dearest E”

Proceedings Offprint: “The Lyell Slip”

Proceedings Offprint: “The Hale Transcripts”



A Brief Introduction to the History of ESTAR, SER, and Their Unions

A Clarification on the Topic of Secretaries

The Blow Bequest: Proposals Solicited for Grants-in-Aid




The Opening Gallery, Tribeca

The Milcom Memory Box
The American Academy of Arts and Letters, NYC

The Brant Gallery, MassArt (Boston)


The Watermill Center, Watermill, NY

Attention! A Conversation about In Search of the Third Bird
The American Library in Paris

15 October 2022 – 15 October 2023, The Frye Museum, Seattle

TALKING BIRDS: The Mystery of Radical Attention
The Frye Museum, Seattle [click here for a recorded version]

ESTAR(SER) at Watermill
The Watermill Center, Watermill, NY

The Bird and the Book
La Napoule Art Foundation, France

Pas de Trois: The Music of Attention”
The Frye Museum, Seattle [click here for a recorded version]

The Birds, and the Trunk: A Reading and Discussion
The Frye Museum, Seattle


On ESTAR(SER): A Conversation With Michael Wood
Labyrinth Books, Princeton

A BIRD IN THE HAND: Aesthetics, Attention, History
The Watermill Center, Watermill, NY 

In Search of “Alex Barbou”: The French Connection
– After 8 Books, Paris


Auricular Radiance & Concentration (a.k.a, “The Dance of Attention”) 
– Glasgow International, Scotland


The Milcom Stills
– CADAF Digital Art Fair

“The Work of ESTAR(SER)”
– Mana Contemporary “Collective Work” Series 


“The Sprague Sheaf”
– MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA

“The Museum Plans”
– Mana Contemporary, Jersey City

“El Halo del Cuidar”
– Reina Sofia, Madrid

“Seeing Attention”
– Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France

“The Bird Bookmarks”
– Mana Contemporary, Jersey City

“The Corona of Care”
– RISD, Rhode Island

“The Lone Tree Folds”
 – Stokes Hall, Boston College


“All Senses on the Qui Vive”
– 33rd São Paulo Biennial, Brazil 

“‘The Milcom Memorial Reading Room and Attention Library: OPEN HOUSE”
– Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ

‘The Goodway Speeches”
– Mildred’s Lane, Narrowsburg, NY

‘The Baptistry as Aviary”
– Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers (France)


“‘Polishing the Spectacle of Myself'”
– Arts Initiative Tokyo

“Participatory Ethnography of the Object”
– Social Saturday, Mildred’s Lane, Narrowsburg, NY

“‘It’s not the thing, but the way you thing it’: An Introduction to the Work of ESTAR(SER)”
– Museo Tamayo, Mexico City


“The Oannes Scrap: The Hydrographic Habitus and Sea-Surface Attention”
– The Kochi Biennial (Kerala, India)

WOUND: Mending Time and Attention 
– 41 Cooper Gallery, NYC

“The Nachtigall Plot: Figuration and Incarnation in the Prosphorion” 
– e-flux, NYC 

-The Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles

“The Ketchem Screen: Recovering the Dynamics of Centripetal Attention”  
-Cabaret der Künstler / Zunfthaus Voltaire, MANIFESTA 2016 (Zurich)

“The Fitzwilliam Schism: Attentional Practice and Practical Criticism in the Interwar”
-Social Saturday, Mildred’s Lane, Narrowsburg, NY

“Le Rite De L’Appareil: la Boîte, la Nuit, et le Photograph”
-Écologies de L’Attention, Centre Culturel International de Cerisy (France)

“The Trochilus Exercise: Marton Bialek and the Ecstasy of the Rülek Scrolls”
-Asian Arts Theater, Gwangju, South Korea 

“The Boğaziçi Rolls: Erich Auerbach and Practical Figuration in Istanbul, circa 1943”
– SALT (Galata), Istanbul


“The Work of Art as Technical Image”
– Without Firm Ground: Vilém Flusser and the Arts (Akademie der Künste, Berlin)

“Le souci de soi chez les Oiseaux: Considérations foucauldiennes à propos de la cache « Coffey»”
– International Domestic Exhibitions by Affinity – Zelarrayan, Paris

“The Nachtigall Convolute: Techniques of Metempsychotic Figuration and the Matter of Lost Objects”
-The Leventritt Lecture, Harvard University Art Museums

“‘I AM NOT A FLOWER’: Margaret Preston, Félix Régamey, and Metempsychotic Ikebana, ca 1930”
 – Sullivan Galleries, SAIC, Chicago 

“The Kittiwake Dossier: Flocking, Flight, and Failure in Interwar Paris” 
– Andquestionmark, Stockholm, Sweden 

“Temporary Metempsychosis May Occur”
– PARSE Biennial, Gothenburg, Sweden

“The Order of the Order: Mad Love and Failures of Conveyance in Interwar Paris”
– Nida Art Colony, Neringa, Lithuania

“MET-HIM-PIKE-HOSES: The Greer Fragments and the Literature of Amphibious Ecstasy in the Americas, 1948-1962″
– Mildred’s Lane, Narrowsburg, NY

“The Order on Display: Inyard Kip Ketchem (1847-1919), The Man Who Made Attention Pay”
– Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia

“El Documento de Pomagello: Aldous Huxley y la metempsicosis de los Pájaros”
– Departamento de Arte, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires

“Madame Banksia: Margaret Preston’s Flower Gazing and the Japonist Protocols of Régamey”
– Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

“Madame Banksia: Margaret Preston’s Flower Gazing and the Japonist Protocols of Régamey”
– Raygun Projects, Toowoomba

“Madame Banksia: Margaret Preston’s Flower Gazing and the Japonist Protocols of Régamey”
– RMIT, Melbourne

“‘Is Lying There’: The Hale Experiments and Object-Oriented Ventriloquy in the Cold War”
– The New Museum R&D Seminar, New York

“The Narma Tapes: Polyphony and Politics in the Postwar”
– Art in General & Vera List Center (“What Now? The Politics of Listening”), New York

“Philistine Aesthetics: How the Philistine Entered the Humanities Through a German Door”
– American University Beirut, Beirut

“Re-reading the Hale Experiments: Object-Oriented Ventriloquy in the Cold War”
– Keynote: Hybrid Practices, Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence

“The Pomagello Document: Considerations, Animadversions, Reconsiderations, etc.”
– Pomona College Museum of Art, Claremont


“Prosopopoeia as Protocol: The Hale Experiments and Object-Oriented Ventriloquy 
during the Cold War”
– RISD Museum, Providence, RI 

-Le souci de soi chez les Oiseaux: Considérations foucauldiennes à propos de la cache « Coffey»”
– Centre Pompidou,  Paris 

“If These Stones Could Talk: The Hale Transcripts and Cold War Tactical Prosopopetics”
– Mildred’s Lane, Narrowsburg, NY

“The Pomagello Document: Considerations, Animadversions, Reconsiderations, Etc.”
– Guggenheim Museum, New York

“The Rülek Scrolls and the Practice of the Door”
– MoMA PS1, New York

“The Rülek Scrolls and the Practice of the Door”
– with Family Business at Palais de Tokyo, Paris

“Fix Your Eyes Right Here!”
– with Family Business at Chalet Society, Paris”


The Pomagello Document: Considerations, Animadversions, Reconsiderations, Etc.”
– Contemporary Issues (“People’s Art Center”), MoMA, New York

“The Pomagello Document: Considerations, Animadversions, Reconsiderations, Etc.”
– Dairy Art Centre, London


“Further Research on the Fascicle of E”
– Harvard University, Cambridge

“The Order of the Third Bird: Documents and Considerations”
– Bard Graduate Center, New York




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